The first pictures from the season premiere of “Game of Thrones” hint that a Stark reunion might happen sooner than we thought

After six long seasons, it sure appears as if all of the Stark children are slowly making their way back home. It’s always assumed that the show (and the books) would wrap up with the remaining children — currently Sansa, Arya, Bran, and of course Jon — reuniting once again. Jon and Sansa are already back together, and Arya is slowly making her way back to Winterfell, too.

And now, thanks to the first images from the Game of Thrones season premiere, it sure looks like Bran is back home as well.

HBO has dropped the first batch of images from the season opener, “Dragonstone.” While they (OF COURSE) do not reveal anything too major about the upcoming episode, there is one picture that strongly hints that there will soon be three Starks under one roof.

There’s one image in the bunch that shows Meera (Ellie Kendrick) surrounded by men with long, black fur coats. Sure looks like the coats that the Night’s Watch wear, huh?


If you recall, last we saw Meera and Bran they were trying to make their way back to the other side of the wall after meeting up with Bran’s uncle, Benjen. Also, like you could have forgotten, Meera was now in charge of towing Bran along, after the — brace yourselves — loss of Hodor during Season 6.

From this image, it sure looks like she and Bran have somehow made their way to Winterfell. Or, maybe some of the Night’s Watch found them nearby the Wall, and brought them back to safety.

The man to the left of Meera sure looks like Jon Snow, because of that coat, but it is not Jon Snow, because of the hair (it’s too straight). It’s probably Edd, as there’s another image in the bunch that shows him in this same setting, and the hair matches up.


While the Stark reunion doesn’t necessarily have to happen during this first episode, it does seem like it’s coming — and coming soon. We’ll find out exactly what happens when Game of Thrones kicks off the new season on Sunday, July 16th.