Yup, ‘Game of Thrones’ baby names are definitely a thing

Remember a few years ago when every newborn female was named Isabella — Bella for short? There’s no denying it: There’s most definitely a link between pop culture and baby names. So now it should come to no surprise that soon, they’ll be a lot of little Khaleesi’s checking in for pre-school.

According to a new report from Britain’s Office of National Statistics, more and more new parents are turning to Westeros for baby inspiration. Sure, there are already a lot of little kids (and adults) out there named Jon and Jamie, but according to their new report, Tyrion and Theon are slowly growing in numbers. Thankfully, the report doesn’t list that there are any babies being named Ramsay right now.

As for the girls, Arya is the most popular with a whopping 244 babies born in 2014 with the name. Coming in behind that, we have Khaleesi with 53 names (which is yes, quite a regal name), and Daenerys following that with 9. No word on if this babies were given the middle name of, “Mother of Dragons” but that would be amazing. Maybe not for a 3-year old child, but when they grow up, they are going to LOVE that.

According to the data collected by the ONS, these didn’t start appearing until 2011. Guess what year Game of Thrones started on HBO? So yes, there is clearly a correlation between the names on the show, and new baby names of today.

Elsewhere the report also mentions that names like Edith, Rose, and Violet (from Downton Abbey) and Logan (from X-Men) are slowly climbing in the ranks. And while Elsa has risen, babies being named Anna has seen a decrease. But then, there were 52 babies named Olaf last year, so new parents just like what they like.

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