This “Game of Thrones” theory correctly addresses the weird plot hole about Arya’s storyline

As we’ve previously discussed, Arya’s long-teased showdown with Waif during “No One” was kinda a huge letdown. Yes, yes, it was a fine episode, and yes, we were obviously thrilled that Arya survived the multiple attacks. Go #TeamArya. However, the episode still felt like it was lacking a little something, mostly the fact that we didn’t even SEE Arya fight Waif.

Also, Arya totally should have died. Those stab wounds she sustained were totally fatal and not exactly consistent with the show.

As Reddit user Zahn1138 points out, we’ve seen people cut and stabbed on Game of Thrones before — like Talisa Stark, King Robert, and even (accidentally) Khal Drogo — and they have all succumbed to their injuries. Arya’s knife to the gut, multiple times, all around vital organs, should have most certainly killed her, regardless of whatever Bravosi magic Lady Crane was using. Zahn1138 specifically cites the fact that there’s no “internal consistency” between these wounds, because if Arya can survive her attack, why has no one else?

So Lady Crane…has some skill at sewing people back up. Grandmaester Pycelle had all the skills of any Maester in Westeros, and while Robert didn’t bleed out, and his wound was cleaned and compressed, he still died of a massive peritoneal infection,” Zahn1138 writes. “To be consistent with important plot points from the story so far, even with Lady Crane’s care, because the contents of her intestinal lumen spilled into her abdominal cavity, [Arya] is doomed to die a pretty awful death [from infection].

Arya has some soup and sleeps it off, ready to engage in the most epic parkour competition Braavos has ever seen, cleverly breaking open her wounds again with a traumatic fall so that she can leave a trail of blood to lure the Waif into the trap she set for her in the dark.”


…Zahn1138 has a point. Yes, obviously we were ROOTING for Arya, but her quick healing time does not make sense, whatsoever. She should have suffered a whole lot more. Heck, Jon Snow DIED and he woke back up and wasn’t exactly ~feeling himself~ right away. He’s still not at 100% yet. And then we have Arya jumping from rooftops and rolling down stairs? She should be in 1,000,00% more pain, if not dead.

“Infection is a serious threat in Game of Thrones. For the overall story to be consistent and understandable, Arya’s stab wounds should have been fatal, if not immediately, then soon thereafter from vulnerability, or from a massive peritoneal infection.”

We’re totally thankful that Arya survived the attack, of course, and lives another day to cross another name off her list. In a show where anyone could die at literally ANY TIME, maybe it’s time we count our lucky sun and stars that Arya didn’t follow the typical Game of Thrones route.

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