One “Game of Thrones” fan thinks Arya is going to die, and their reasoning sounds scarily possible

People on the internet love fan theories, especially when it comes to Game of Thrones. The guessing is never-endless. When it comes to this show, one of the favorite topics is whether or not characters are going to die. Or actually make it to the end of the series. One theory that has sprouted up about Arya sounds like it could be plausible, but you never know with this show.

What is Arya’s fate in Game of Thrones?

On Reddit, user /u/Burningfiresmoke guesses that Arya might die on her quest to kill Cersei. The reasoning is that she seems way more interested in revenge than reuniting with her family. Check it out:

"In Shakespeare's work [heroes] that die often have tragic flaws; some part of their character that forces them to make mistakes and causes their demise. In Arya's case her fatal flaw is that she is consumed by her need for revenge. She is obsessed with her list of names of the people that hurt her family. She has an opportunity to go home after leaving Bravos but she chose to go towards Westeros' capital. I don't think she will ever see Jon, Bran or Sansa ever again."

It’s not clear whether Arya knows if Bran is alive — or if she knows where Jon or Sansa are. But this fan makes a valid point. Characters who seem hell-bent on one goal have difficulty surviving in this world. It’s usually the cunning that make it through.

And though Arya has shown herself to be plenty cunning with that whole Frey mess, who ever gets their perfect happy ending in Game of Thrones? Can Arya really get her revenge and her family? Especially when she’s targeting Cersei next?

Don’t underestimate the mad Queen.

"I believe her character will underestimate [Cersei] and meet her end at the hands of the mountain," /u/Burningfiresmoke wrote. "I think Arya's death is really going to shock fans and really make [Cersei] a more hated villain...It would be unexpected for Arya to die but it would prove a point that even 'good people' who we hope for, who murder are still going to die by the same violence they try to inflict."

Arya is tough, but she hasn’t seen what Cersei is capable of. Also, it seems unlikely that Arya will be successful, since Cersei’s prophecy predicts that she’ll die at the hands of a brother.

Is Ed Sheeran to blame for all of this?

The post also says that the show runners wanted to give Maisie a chance to meet Ed Sheeran through the show. Is it just because the show is wrapping up? Or is it because her character will meet mortal peril?

We’re not saying that it will be all Ed’s fault if she dies, but we might blame him a little bit.