This theory as to how Jaqen is helping Arya survive is nuts and probably right

Another day, another theory as to how Arya is going to survive this latest CLOSE CALL. Spoilers ahead!

Last Sunday’s episode, “The Broken Man,” saw Waif take down Arya once and for all. Maybe. She’s had it in for this Stark all along, from the unnecessary beatings while Arya was blind, to the unnecessary beatings while Arya was not blind. After Arya failed at her last, and final, task — killing Lady Crane — Jaqen H’ghar finally gave Waif the go ahead to finish Arya off.

In her very weird and twisted way, you know Waif totally enjoyed stabbing Arya multiple times in the gut.

…but did she really stab Arya in the gut?

Okay, settle in for this Game of Thrones theory,  because it’s a doozy, and there are two parts to it. Both are bonkers.

The theory that Jaqen is actually Arya, and Waif is the old woman.


When Jaqen gave the order to have Arya killed, he told Waif, “Don’t let her suffer.” IDK about you, but the way Waif twists that knife into Arya’s stomach, it sure seems like she’s suffering A LOT.

Let’s imagine he knew Waif would let her suffer. So, he assumed Arya’s face, wandered through the streets of Braavos drawing attention to him herself by throwing those coins around, and then went to the bridge, a spot where he knew Waif would see him her.

Jaqen then takes the knife to the gut, so he knows Waif is going to cause Arya a lot of pain, which is NOT WHAT HE WANTED.

Obviously he survives, because he’s Jaqen, and then he goes after Waif and makes Waif suffer for what she did to Arya (who’s really him).

Confusing AF? Yeah. But honestly, it makes sense. The Arya we see wandering around Braavos does not feel like our Arya.

The theory that Waif is actually Arya, and Jaqen is the old woman.


Now let’s reverse these roles. Waif, now with Arya’s face, wanders around Braavos. She throws her money around, once again drawing attention to herself. Maybe to establish an Arya alibi, so people see her and think she’s leaving on a ship to Westeros? IDK why, but just go with it, okay?

Then Arya makes her way to the bridge, and Jaqen’s Faceless Man instinct kicks in, and he knows Waif is going to cause Arya pain and suffering and he doesn’t want to that for the Girl, so he decides to take care of Waif himself. IDK WHY, STILL JUST GO WITH THIS.

How do we know this? Because the old woman says, “Sweet girl,” and that’s actually something Jaqen says a lot. Because the old woman is really Jaqen’s and he’s here to stop Waif before she can hurt Arya.

Even though she IS Arya at the current time.

Also confusing AF. But once again, the Arya in this scene feels off.

If this is one of those TL;DR scenarios the gist is this: Don’t start mourning the loss of Arya just yet. Our Girl is going to be F-I-N-E, one way or another (she better be).

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