There’s going to be a “Game of Thrones” after show because HBO knows we know nothing

Season 6 of Game of Thrones hasn’t even started yet, and you might already be super confused. Because, who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who’s still seeking revenge? Who’s gone blind? Who’s still missing a hand? Who’s still mourning the death of their loved one? Where are the dragons? Is anyone actually sitting on the Iron Throne right this second, etc. etc. etc. forever. There are so many questions, and not enough answers.

HBO knows we’re confused, and they’re here to help. Since “after shows” is now a new big trend — with Talking Dead, and Talking Bad, and BBC’s new Orphan Black after show — HBO has decided to start one for Game of Thrones, too. If you’re still ridiculously confused Sunday night, come Monday morning things might make a little bit more sense. Maybe. Hopefully. Cross your fingers.

This new after show, appropriately titled After the Thrones, will premiere on HBO NOW, HBO GO and HBO On Demand, the day after all Game of Thrones airings (They’d air right after the episode, but we also really need to watch Veep and Silicon Valley Sunday night, too). The show will be hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, formerly of Grantland’s Watch the Thrones podcastand the two will deconstruct each episode, explain to us what the heck happened, and speculate as to what might be coming up in future episodes. You know, because the show has caught up with the book and, like always, NO ONE IS SAFE.

So now, instead of trying to Google, “Who was that guy standing next to Jaime he had a beard and was holding a sword” or “Where did Dany get that dress she wore in last night’s episode” our questions will be answered. Ok, maybe not that last one, but we can hope.

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