“Game of Thrones” releases their own election video, and we now know who we’re voting for

HBO has just released the *perfect* election video. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential election.

Double spoiler alert: It has everything to do with what went down in last season’s Game of Thrones.

And (like the show itself) it is totally epic.


The video brilliantly sets up the Game of Thrones world as if it were our own (except, of course, for some obvious differences like the fact that they have dragons). From the down-and-out workers to the warriors who don’t have a banner to identify with, we see the Seven Kingdoms like we never have before.

One of the coolest parts about this video is the fact that it paints these characters in a totally modern light. It shows what the complicated world of Westeros might look like if it were to be simplified into an easy-to-digest storyline.

It gives our favorite characters absolutely spot-on labels that make you wish it were fall of 2017 already so we can see them back in action.

Between Jon Snow being associated with demanding “strong leaders” to Cersei being called out for someone “who won’t hesitate to break the game,” we’re reminded that GoT is actually a pretty striking mirror to our own high-stakes political world.

While the brilliance of this video can be enjoyed by anyone, it’s an especially spectacular experience for lovers of the show since you’ll appreciate the parallels between these fantasy characters and our modern world on a whole different level if you’re all caught up (and paying attention to what’s happening in the actual election).


Luckily (for their sake and ours) modern leaders don’t sit in Iron Thrones. Yet this video is so convincing it may actually make you want to vote for Daenerys for President after all (because, let’s be real, she’d probably pick Drogon as her running mate and that would be an election for the ages). 


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