Some genius re-imagined ‘Game of Thrones’ characters to look like ‘Bob’s Burgers’

While watching Game of Thrones, did you ever think, “Hey, I wonder what Daenerys Targaryen would look like if she looked more like Tina from Bob’s Burgers?” Maybe not, but imgur user CarlosDanger101 knows you totally want to see that. (Also so did Bob’s Burgers, see their brill parody episode).

One artist spent the last month drawing almost every Game of Thrones character in Bob’s Burgers-inspired cartoons, according to his page. That means big circular eyes, odd head shapes, and generally dissatisfied facial expressions. That he would do that at all is impressive, but even more so are the pictures — they’re spot on and meticulous in detail. 

Even though the HBO and FOX original series are completely different visually and conceptually, they kind of strangely complement each other. Let’s just say we would not be opposed to a Game of Thrones cartoon. Check it out:

(Featured image via Fox, embedded image via Imgur)


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