Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones watched “Battle of the Bastards” together and it was everything you could want and more

Like many of us, SNL superstar (and soon-to-be-Ghostbuster) Leslie Jones loves Game of Thrones. Like many of us, she also likes to live tweet the episodes, so if you’re following her on Twitter, know that there are going to be some spoilers. There are also going to be some hilarious Game of Thrones jokes, because Jones knows her Westeros.

So it only makes sense that Seth Meyers invites her over to watch the latest episode, “Battle of the Bastard,” for an event that is now known as Game of Jones. We want Game of Jones every week. We want to know if Jones can come over to our house and watch Game of Thrones, too? If she wants a dragon, we’ll somehow find her a dragon.

And just like all of us, Jones knows that Rickon should have ZIG ZAGGED. HE SHOULD HAVE ZIG ZAGGED. WHO DOESN’T ZIG ZAG?

Jones has already seen this episode, but  Meyers has not so his reaction to Rickon’s lack of zig zag is real. There’s so much screaming. So so much screaming. Meyers is actually reaction to the action with his screams, while Jones is straight up just SCREAMING at the TV.

It’s great. We’d watch an entire season of Jones just doing live Game of Thrones commentary. If you’re still looking for the perfect spinoff, HBO, this is it.

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