This DIY galaxy chandelier will really improve your ~SPACE~

In a galaxy far, far away…actually, not that far because you can make this DIY project at home! This galaxy chandelier is giving us all the outer space feels right now.

Remember when you were a kid and would glue glow-in-the-dark stars to your ceiling and wait for them to charge in the daytime? And then at night, your bedroom would turn into your own private Milky Way full of constellations? We sure do, and this chandelier is that same feeling but 10 times better because it is next level!

If you feel extra crafty lately (because we know we are), try making this DIY project and hang it above your bed, near your desk or even in your kitchen. No matter where you put it, you’re guaranteed to feel inspired.


Small hula hoop
Spray paint
Icicle lights (100 count)
Electrical tape
Tulle Rolls (6-8, depending on hula hoop size)
Star garland
22-26 gauge jewelry wire
Glitter foam stars
Fishing line
Paracord string


1. Spray paint hula hoop.
2. Attach icicle lights around hula hoop with electrical tape.
3. Cut strips of tulle from the tulle rolls approximately 4-6 feet in length.
4. Fold a tulle strip in half and loop it through itself to secure to the hula hoop.
5. Using jewelry wire, twist tie the star garland to the hula hoop.
6. Make strings of stars by gluing glitter foam stars to fishing line, and tie to attach.
7. Tie 2 strings of paracord across the hula hoop to hang. Knot the the center of the two strings together. Adjust the string lengths to ensure it hangs evenly.

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