Gal Gadot just gifted the world with a first look at her Wonder Woman 2 costume

Our favorite she-ro, Gal Gadot, just posted a picture of herself in her brand-new Wonder Woman 2 costume. And girl looks FIERCE.

The sequel to last year’s Warner Bros. smash hit is set to take place in the year 1984 — 70 full years after the events of the first film. We also know that Kristen Wiig, aka one of our favorite humans on the entire planet, has been cast as Cheetah, the film’s major villain (and classic Wonder Woman nemesis). And to make things even more enticing, it was recently revealed that Chris Pine, who played Steve Trevor in the first film, appears to be back — despite (spoiler alert) having seemingly died.

As if all that weren’t exciting enough, we now have a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s lewk for round two. Gadot tweeted a pic of herself in costume today, June 16th, along with the simple caption, “She’s back…”

It doesn’t appear as though there have been any major changes to her iconic outfit, though we’ll likely only know that for sure upon the film’s release in November 2019. But that doesn’t mean fans aren’t totally psyched for the reveal.

One astute observer even seems to have spotted a nod to Cheetah.

(It could of course just be a wrinkle, but we think it’s definitely a cool hypothesis).

We officially CAN’T WAIT for November 2019.

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