Gal Gadot thanks fans for “Wonder Woman’s” massive success in sweet, heartfelt video

Gal Gadot and the whole team behind Wonder Woman absolutely destroyed the box office this weekend. The massive success of the movie could usher in so many great changes to Hollywood films and culture in the future. Also, being humble and kind like Diana Prince herself, Gal Gadot paused to share a thank you video.

You can feel the love and gratitude exuding from every word the actress says to her fans. She also includes “Thank you” on her post in several different languages because of course she does.

Like the goddess she is – who we only sometimes deserve – she makes us feel like we’re all superstars right along with her.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you," Gadot says. "Thank you for making this weekend the most amazing weekend and the craziest weekend I've ever had in my life."

She continues on saying that it’s the fans love that made this movie as successful as it has been. And she wants us all to know that our ongoing love and support for her are not being taken for granted.

Of course, that alone makes us all feel like a million bucks.

But she doesn’t stop there. She continues to remind us all of just how incredible the film’s weekend accomplishments were.

"I mean, Wonder Woman number one movie in the whole world, this is all you. So a big thank you. I'm sending you guys all the good energy and love back."

Gadot even recorded the video looking out over some beautiful view reminiscent of the way Diana looks out over Themyscira.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love this badass warrior anymore, she goes and send us tons of love and good energy. So now we’ll just have to go back and see it again (and again and again).

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