Gal Gadot totally called out Ryan Reynolds for stealing her famous “Wonder Woman” pose

While he’s mentioned in the past how much he appreciates Wonder Woman, Ryan Reynolds paid homage to the character in the latest trailer for Deadpool 2. And Gal Gadot made sure to let him know she noticed.

In the trailer, Reynolds crosses his arms in an “X” shape across his chest, which is exactly how Gadot unleashes her superpower in Wonder Woman. For Deadpool, the crossed arms motion is (spoiler, if you haven’t seen the trailer) in reference to a supergroup he forms in the sequel, called “X-Force.”

It’s a shame Wonder Woman couldn’t take part, since that’d be a pretty insane crossover. But at least the two superheroes are supportive of each other off set. Gadot screencapped the image on Instagram as well as Twitter, captioning the post, “Dude stole my look!” The photo got well over a million likes on Instagram, with fans debating in the comments section who’d win in a fight:  Deadpool or Wonder Woman. (Wonder Woman, of course.)

To make the moment even better, Reynolds answered back.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of larceny," he noted.

And they’re not the only two superheroes to use the pose — Black Panther and Wolverine have also made the powerful move, causing one fan to brainstorm the best movie idea ever.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th, and from what we’ve seen so far, it might actually be even better than the original.

Until then, let’s hope our favorite superheroes keep up with these public shoutouts IRL. Because we honestly live for it.

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