Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon made out on “Saturday Night Live” and the Internet basically lost it

Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman herself, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and boy, was she glorious. Our favorite Wonder Woman played a lot of different roles in one night, including Kendall Jenner, a woman on a Tinder date with O.J. Simpson, and more. The internet’s favorite moment, however, was one where she reprised her role as Wonder Woman for a sketch set on the island of Themyscira. Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant showed up on the island, having been lost at sea and drawn by the sights of beautiful lady warriors fighting. Their mission? To find out how many of Themyscira’s residents were, in their words, lesbos.

And, of course, the highlight was this moment between Kate McKinnon and Gal Gadot.


Yeah, that happened. It really, really happened. And the Internet went wild for it. Our collective reaction can probably best be described by a GIF from the sketch itself.

There were a lot of tweets freaking out about this. false


And there was some armchair diagnosis of how Kate McKinnon may have felt about all this as it unfolded.

Then someone else posted a helpful explainer on bisexuality, probably in response to all the “I’m gay” tweets.

While the sketch itself seemed to say that Wonder Woman wasn’t into her fellow ladies (although who could really resist Kate McKinnon), the character of Wonder Woman is canonically bisexual. So in the Themyscira of the comics, Wonder Woman might have raised her hand when Kate McKinnon asked for lesbos. Or, at least, spoken up about being bi.

In any case, if Wonder Woman gets to kiss Chris Pine AND Kate McKinnon, we’re all here for it. We can at least all be thrilled for Kate that she got to make out with this past summer’s hottest superhero.

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