Let Gabrielle Union’s Super Short Haircut Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

"I wanted to know the feeling of making a change when things are gravy."

Summer is the time that so many of us decide to take the plunge and go for it with short hair, but are any of us really doing it like Gabrielle Union is? Over the weekend, Union showed off her new, shorter ‘do on Instagram, and it looks incredible—and she pointed out something important about her reason behind the change.

Union shared several photos of her new hair, which might be the shortest we’ve ever seen it.

It was a pretty dramatic change for her, but a good one. Not only does she look amazing, but it’s pretty clear from these photos that she’s feeling herself, too, which is ideal after getting a new haircut.

In her caption, Union explained that while some women choose to make a drastic change to their hair when something terrible happens to them, that’s not what she’s doing—she wants to show that you can do it even when things are going well.

“The movies always show women cutting their hair when all is lost but I wanted to know the feeling of making a change when things are gravy. It hits different and its foreign to me,” she wrote, adding that she loves “this new new.” She tagged her post with “summer chop” and “flawless chop,” and she’s right on both accounts.

It definitely seems like she’s not the only person who feels that way, because the comments on her post are overwhelmingly positive. Tracee Ellis Ross showered her with fire emojis (as she should) while Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashanti both stopped by to drop some heart eyes emojis. “GORGEOUS FRIEND,” wrote Olivia Munn.

While this is definitely a new look for Union, it’s clearly a positive change—and one that she’s loving so far. More pics, please!

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