Gabrielle Union clapped back at mommy-shamers who targeted her for kissing her daughter

Mommy-shaming on the internet is a real problem, especially when a mom—specifically a famous one—has the audacity to, gasp, kiss their child. Olivia Wilde, Hilary Duff, and now Gabrielle Union have all been mommy shamed for kissing their kids on the lips. For Union, her comment section blew up when Union posted a video kissing her newborn daughter Kaavia—they claimed it was “unsanitary.” Thankfully, Union shut the criticism down.

"Hey guys, I appreciate all the concern about kisses on the mouth and labored breathing, Union wrote in the comments section. "I am blessed enough to have a nurse here with us while at work. Kaav is healthy and I don’t even touch her without washing and sanitizing myself and everything and everyone that comes into contact with her.

The fact that she even had to defend herself is exhausting. Union added that when Oprah came to her house for an interview, she made the entire crew show their up-to-date vaccine paperwork.

"No visits with sick folk and even all of Oprah’s crew got whooping cough vaccinations and current on all vaccinations to be in our home, Union added. "If you think I waited this long and went thru all this to put my baby in harm’s way… you got another thing coming.

We appreciate Union’s clap back, but she doesn’t need to explain herself. Moms have been mom-ing since the literal dawn of time, and if they want advice, they’ll ask for it.

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