Gabrielle Union Admitted She’s Faked a “Gastrointestinal Issue” to Get Alone Time, and Girl, Same

Quarantine has given our bathrooms a whole new purpose.

Parents who have spent the majority of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic holed up in their house with their young children will never take their little slices of privacy for granted ever again. Gabrielle Union is no different. Having been at home with her 2-year-old daughter Kaavia James Union Wade, as well as her three step-kids, Zaire, 18, Zaya, 13, and Xavier, 7, with husband Dwyane Wade, she’ll do anything—anything—to get some alone time, even if that means faking a “gastrointestinal issue.”

I can’t even front, Union told Parents on December 23rd, I will claim a gastrointestinal issue so fast to get a little extra time. Yeah, no. Same.

According to Parents, who got their hands on a Tropicana survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 49% of parents surveyed between October 29th and November 4th do the same as Union when they need some peace and quiet. The bathroom is the refuge we never knew we needed, it turns out.

And whether she’s in the bathroom or has found a slice of quiet elsewhere, Union said she uses that time to listen to positive affirmations and partake in Zoom therapy sessions.

“I’ve had to talk to all of my business partners and just be really transparent, like, ‘I want to be my best employee for you or leader for you, but I am going to need some time for me,'” she told Parents. “Everyone has offered me that kind of compassion, that space, and that grace to do what it takes to function. And I just hope more companies and schools offer that time and that space and that grace that we all need to try to figure out how to survive in this pandemic.”

It also helps that Union and Wade have created their own “very large village” to raise their children, having moved both their mothers into the house during the pandemic. “When it gets to be too tough, we offer grace,” she said.

Some see the bathroom as just a bathroom, but overwhelmed parents see it as a meditation, zen spa. So, fill the place with candles, good-smelling room sprays, dim lighting, and fun magazines. The bathroom is now the you-room.

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