We’re Obsessed With Gabrielle Union’s Super Short Bob *and* Middle Part

This hairstyle is definitely TikTok-approved.

Gabrielle Union traded in her long hair for a short bob this week, and we’re so here for it. The actress debuted the blunt bob—and middle part—on Instagram on July 21st and has been sporting it since. How cute is this chin-length ‘do?

Union subtly showed up in the bob without any fanfare, just days after she’d been rocking long pigtail braids…*and* just days after she shared a video with a bob! What we love about Union is that she’s always changing it up and every single style works so well for her.

It actually seems like this bob might be part of Union’s look for her movie The Perfect Find. Not only did she mention it in her first caption with the bob, but she shared a video on July 22nd while filming in New York City—also with the bob.

Union shared a video to her Instagram Stories early in the day on July 22nd before filming, and she’s wearing a hat, so we *still* can’t tell what her off duty hair is looking like right now. But knowing how common it is to don a wig for filming, we feel pretty confident that her chic bob is a wig. Honestly, whatever the case, we’re super into it.

Gabrielle Union

But perhaps what we’re the most into with this sleek bob is the fact that Union is very much leaning into the TikTok and Gen Z-approved trend of parting her hair down the middle. It might come down to whatever the styling team on set has chosen, but we like to think that Union is cool enough to know middle parts are in.

Union’s always been one of our fave stylish celebs, and we can’t wait to see how she changes it up next!

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