Gabrielle Union is wearing her new blonde hair in the trendiest cut for fall

We’re sorry to say it, but long hair is so last summer. Literally every celebrity out there is sporting a cropped bob for fall, and some famous faces are even ditching their signature hair color to try the trend on for size. Gabrielle Union has not only chopped off her hair in favor of a chic blunt bob haircut, but she made a dramatic shade switch-up, too.

Union took her natural brunette strands to a punk-rock shade of blonde. She’s in pretty good company these days because famous brunettes like Camila Cabello and Robert Pattinson have even rocked their own versions of the cropped blonde cut lately. Together, it’s proof that the limit does not exist when it comes to who looks good with short blonde strands.

Union showed off her new ‘do on Instagram in a series of photos both in her stories and on her feed, so that’s how you know it’s serious. The L.A.’s Finest star is serving glam ’80s supermodel vibes galore with her futuristic purple eyeliner and coordinated velvet blazer. We definitely hope this platinum blonde bob is here to stay because it looks amazing on her.

In her caption, Union joked about the old saying, “blondes have more fun,” writing, “turns out I’m not having any more fun than usual.”

And while we don’t know if she means this literally or not, we do know that she looks flawless.

This isn’t the first time Union has tried out a sunny blonde shade—back in 2013, she wore a warm, caramel shade of blonde to play Erica in Top Five. It’s possible that this look is for a role, or maybe she just wanted to take a walk on the blonde side for a change. Either way, we’re into it.

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