Gabourey Sidibe has the greatest response for trolls who hated on her Empire love scene

We fell in love with Gabourey Sidibe in Precious and are loving her all over again in Empire. In last week’s Nov. 4 episode of Empire, rapper J. Poppa fell for Sidibe’s character, Becky, too, and they had a super hot sex scene on the roof.

“I’m the first person who looks like myself who has been in a love scene on primetime television,” she said to E! News.

And the internet rejoiced!

Unfortunately, as we all know, the Internet is filled with trolls, and as excited as so many people were for Becky’s sexy turn, some people were downright cruel about the scene.

Getting naked for the camera is tough no matter what. Actors are NOTORIOUSLY nervous about doing sex scenes (Could you do it? Exactly!) It’s particularly tough if you’re someone like Gabourey, making sex scene history. The gorgeous thing about Empire is that they show real people doing real things in real situations. We love that size is not an issue for Becky and J.Poppa. With this scene, Empire is boldly proclaiming an important truth: we all equally deserve love and sex.

Just like her sassy Empire character, Sidibe had the greatest response for the haters in her Entertainment Weekly blog post recapping last week’s Empire episode.

You tell ‘em, Gabby!

This isn’t the first time Gabs has crafted a perfect response for her trolls. You may remember this tweet from 2014 after the Golden Globes.

As for Empire, Sidibe’s co-star, Jussie Smollett, told E! News that it was “hot” and “beautiful” and that the haters should “close their eyes and shut off their TVs then. I wanted to see it and millions of other people wanted to see it. Those people don’t matter to me, to her, to anybody else.”

Hear, hear.

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