GabiFresh’s new collection with Swimsuit For All just launched and it’s making us wish it were pool party season

It’s the first week of January, which means it’s already high time we whisked ourselves away on vacation to a luxurious beach to drink hard lemonade and watch the waves roll in. Just in time for your winter getaway, GabiFresh’s new collection with Swimsuit For All just launched, and it’s only increasing our longing for summer.

In what is officially the fifth year of GabiFresh’s plus-size collab with Swimsuit For All, and the tradition of bold colors and fashion forward cuts is going strong. We would be amiss to pretend to be surprised, given the fact that Gabi is both a style icon and an outspoken advocate for body positivity. If anyone can release swimsuits in the winter to glorious applause, it’s her.

The generous variety of swimsuits in the latest GabiFresh x Swimsuit For All collection run in sizes 4 to 34, and price around $100 per suit.

They are both cute and comfortable enough to make us consider jumping in a lake in winter. You know, just to have an excuse for the purchase.

We would like to be supernaturally transported into the swimsuit and luxe lifestyle she’s channeling in this photo.

Can it be summer already?

Be sure to check out the new line for yourself, while you stare out the cold window and dream of summer.

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