Gabby Douglas shared her secret beauty tips, and you’re gonna want to steal all of them

Gabby Douglas became our total role model when she took home the gold twice and showed those who dared to doubt her just what she was made of. Now, she’s even more iconic (if that’s even possible?!) because of her super simple, super effective beauty tips.

Douglas told Cosmopolitan she’s typically not one for makeup during training. During competitions, though, things are a little different. “We all use makeup as a part of our whole look when we go out to compete.” So what does our fave use when she needs to spice things up?

“I enjoy experimenting with eye shadow and fun lipsticks—CoverGirl’s Colorlicious Gloss in Give Me Guava is in my bag right now—that complements my leotard, and I always apply a good matte primer before putting on my foundation.” Are you taking notes? Because we are.


One of her go-to tricks is one we can totally relate to. Oily skin is a pest when you’re trying to go matte, and Gabby has one solution. “I also always keep a pressed powder compact in my bag because sometimes my T-zone gets a little shiny, so I like to apply powder on my face for a more matte effect.”

We’ve gotta say, Douglas having an shiny t-zone only makes her more relatable, and we’re loving her a little bit more with each tidbit we learn about her life!

While it may seem silly to be so excited about Douglas’s beauty tips, it’s important to realize that for a long time (and even now!) black girls and women of color with darker skin have an extremely rough time finding makeup that comes in shades that actually work with our skin instead of leaving us looking ashen and just, well, wrong.

In their popular commercial Shea Moisture pointed out that “ethnic” beauty products are often shoved into an aisle on their own, making women of color feel even more othered, and with most mainstream makeup brands failing to create shades that go beyond a slight tannish-brown, many darker-skinned women who choose to wear makeup have really struggled to find brands that work. Finding makeup that suits our skin tones can be majorly empowering for girls and women of color, and it’s about time that beauty tips were more inclusive!

Everything from Douglas’s major athletic achievements to her being recognized for her undeniable beauty is just so exciting, and we’ll definitely continue to keep an eye on her!

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