FYI: Your old Disney VHS tapes could be worth $10,000

Oh, you know those Disney VHS tapes you have that are gathering dust in your attic? Turns out those little tapes could be worth A LOT — like, ten thousand dollars. WHAT?!

E! News found a The Little Mermaid VHS on eBay (here) for $9,999. OMG. Apparently, this version is worth a bit more because, as they pointed out, this cover features a tiny hidden penis (in the castle). Oy.


But they also found a Beauty and the Beast VHS, without genitalia as far as I can tell, for the same price!


Why are these VHS tapes selling for so much? A Redditor named who Reddit_Executive, per MoviePilot, explained:

“On the spines of some VHS (and BetaMax) tapes is a black diamond with Walt’s signature on it. This was Disney’s first attempt to market their videos to homes. Because of this, certain Disney collectors are convinced that these VHS tapes are worth something.”

Ahh. Interesting.

It’s unclear though if these tapes are actually SELLING for these prices, though. For example, while some have reported that select Beanie Babies could be worth thousands, generally even the high value plush bears — such as the Princess Diana — average on the much lower side, according to Country Living.

It’s worth a shot, though, right?


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