Fuzzberta the guinea pig is our latest cute animal obsession

It’s no secret that animals are killing it at the Internet game. Other trends may come and go, but the Internet is never done with adorable animals. It’s not surprising, because who doesn’t love looking at something cute and fuzzy?

For a while now, kittens have been our go-to when we need a dose of cuteness. But there’s a certain little guinea pig who’s absolutely stolen our hearts and given kittens everywhere a run for their money. Her name is…(wait for it)….Fuzzberta. Or, if you’re being formal, Fuzzberta P. Jones.

The name! The eyes! The adorable button nose. Oh, the cuteness. We can’t even handle it. But wait, it gets even cuter, because the P stands for Pikachu.

Fuzzberta’s pet parent, Monica Wu, told Mashable that the P originally stood for pee “because every time we took her out of the cage, she’d pee herself and often on me.” Even that’s adorable. Sort of. It’s as adorable as being peed on can be, anyway. 

Monica originally began sharing pics of Fuzzberta on Facebook. When she saw how enamored everyone was the adorbs little guinea pig, she took the cuteness over to Instagram. IG hasn’t been the same since. The @fuzzberta account has almost 20,000 followers.

Mainly because of photos like this:

When Fuzzberta’s not busy looking full-on adorable, she likes to role play. Like the time she was Harry Potter.

And Katniss Everdeen.

Oh, and let’s not forget Princess Leia.

She also likes to hang out with her guinea pig friends. What do GPs do when they’re chilling together? Play follow the leader. Natch.

Or run away from monsters. (Seriously. This is so adorable that it’s in the running to be my new screensaver.)

But if you think Fuzzberta is just a pretty (and beyond fuzzy and adorable) face, think again. She’s also got a serious side. As a rescue guinea pig, she frequently advocates for pet adoption.

It’s no wonder we (along with the rest of the Internet) are obsessed!

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