Are Furby-inspired phone cases the next big accessory trend?

We’re calling this one early: Furby-inspired phone cases are going to take over the accessories world this summer. Okay, not ~literal~ Furby phone cases, but furry-festooned cases that rival your bag bug’s in both fluffiness and cuteness.

As of late, fuzzy phone cases have been cropping up all over Instagram and Twitter, and retailers are starting to take note. We’re seeing faux-fluff cases in hot pinks, popping purples, and pretty much every color of the rainbow. Not unlike our favorite creepy-cute ’90s toy, a select amount of said cases actually have cute-as-a-button googly eyes and faces on them, too. Like we said before, these phone cases are kind of like an upgrade for bag bugs or any other fluffy faced purse charms you’ve been toting around on your handbags.

Now before this trend takes off (and all of these fluffy cases sell out), here are a few of our favorites.

1Urban Outfitters Pink Furry Thing iPhone 6/6s Case, $28

2Skinny Dip iPhone Lilac Faux Fur Phone Case, $12

3Boo Furry Phone Case in White, $37

4Missguided Purple Heart Faux Fur iPhone Case, $18 Pom Pom iPhone Case, $35

6iPhoria Cool Marble Monster iPhone Case, $88


Umm, we’ll take all of these furry phone cases, please.

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