Your inner ’90s child is gonna freak: Furbies are back — and they got an INTENSE makeover

During Hilary Duff’s 18th birthday party, she received a gift any ’90s kid would fawn over: a giant Furby, one that actually sang “Happy Birthday” to her (see above)! Yet, though we’re not Hilary Duff, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a high-tech Furby of our own – especially now that Hasbro will be releasing what we’re calling Furby 2.0.


According to Business Wire, Hasbro is planning to sell “Furby Connect” this fall. It’s similar to the Furby we know and love, but will most-definitely feature a major upgrade. We’re referring to the fact that Furby will soon have Bluetooth technology, so it can connect to an app that will allow users to watch video clips, listen to songs, play games, participate in global events, and it will even allow Furby owners to virtually care for their Furby and computer-generated “Furblings.”

In addition to these modern features, Furby will also be sporting LCD screen eyes and the ability to talk. Using over 1,000 phrases, you can interact with this new Furby as it responds to sound and touch. Interestingly enough, Furby 2.0 is also aware of the time and date, so it can do things like ask for breakfast or a late-night snack.


Don’t worry: The new Furby comes with a sleep mask accessory, which will make it stop talking when you want to get some shut-eye (or stop it from asking for a late-night snack).

Starting July 7th, the Furby app will be available. You can also pre-order Furby Connect on Amazon for $100.

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