Meet Furbacca: The very hairy, very intense-looking ‘Star Wars’ Furby

Like many others out there, I am a Star Wars enthusiast. If I come across Star Wars merchandise, I buy it. My shelves are filled with Star Wars trinkets. And now, I’ve got to buy a Furbacca, which is part Furby, part Wookie, and probably plays a mean game of dejarik (that’s the holographic chess game, for everyone following along at home).

Coming this fall, Hasbro is launching the Furby-Wookie hybrid and our friends at Mashable got a sneak peak of it. It grunts and growls just like Chewbacca, and also hums the Star Wars theme song. Basically, I’m buying this for everyone.

It operates just like all other Furbies we had as kids (and the Furbies that are still probably underneath our childhood beds back home). So you can talk to the Furbacca, feed it, pet it, and depending on its mood, it’ll ether display X-Wings in its eyes (for happy, duh), or Star Destroyers (for not happy, and about to make the Death Star operational). This is cool and all, but how will the Furbacca handle making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? That’s an important Furbacca question.

Currently Furbacca is the only Furby foray into the Star Wars universe, but maybe if he’s super popular we’ll soon see Ewoks and maybe Tusken Raider Furbies, too. Either way, Furbacca is adorable, and I can’t wait to try jumping to light speed with him. He’ll be my co-pilot, obviously.

Images via here.

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