10 National Pet Day quotes that’ll make you LOL, then hug your pet

Happy National Pet Day! There are oh-s0-many reasons why we love this holiday, but first and foremost, it’s because we love our furry (and feathered, and scaley) friends. They do so much for us, and it’s nice to have a set day to appreciate them to the fullest — even though, to be honest, we kind of view every day as National Pet Day.

Pets have a big impact on our lives. They love us through thick and thin, and always have our backs. Their calming presence and companionship are so important, and a big reason why so many of us consider them part of our families.

And if you’re looking to celebrate the day on social media, there are a ton of funny National Pet Day quotes that you can share with your friends and followers (along with an adorable snap of your little buddy, of course). So without further ado, here are some of the best, most perfect funny National Pet Day quotes we could find.

Are humans nuts? Probably. We often seem to forget the positive things in life, which is something a dog might have trouble understanding.

Okay, sure — some people out there aren’t dog people…so we’re gonna say this also applies to cats!

Lol. And yes.

Think about this next time you see your cat perched high on his cat tree.

Carrie Underwood summed it up.

We can relate to this every morning.

For all of us lucky enough to call a horse our BFF.

Once again, Charles Schultz sums it up perfectly.

But, they look so cute! Sigh.

Okay, so cats have it easy. But they’re also super lovable, so we can forgive them.

Happy National Pet Day everyone!

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