14 funny images only people truly obsessed with “Game of Thrones” will get

Guys, we’re already half way through season six of Game of Thrones (I know, scary right?), which means we are in peak GoT season right now. But before you start crying, let’s take a moment to appreciate our obsession together. And laugh about it.

1. When you and your S.O. are all about matching GoT-wear, no matter the occasion.

2. When you know where your heart truly lies.

3. When you’d rather make your own Thrones cake instead of paying someone else to make it for you.

First Post – My gf made me a game of thrones cake!

4. When you first started binging the show.

5. When you subject your pets to your obsession, too.

6. When you decide to re-read the books and realize HOW MUCH death there is we haven’t even realized on the show.

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7. When you’re supposed to be working, but you’d rather be watching the latest episode, obvs.

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8. And when you wish search engines would hook you up.

9. When you pretty much have a one-track mind whenever anyone texts you.

10. When you may or may not have made your boyfriend, Jon Snow, the background for everything.


11. When you decide to make your own throne, because…duh.

In the game of thrones, you’re root or you’re a user.

12. When you can’t help yourself in social situations.

13. When you can’t enough memes in your life so you decide to double down.

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14. And finally, when your take your favorite new ship fantasy to a whole new level.


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