We have found a dog who is exactly us when being startled

We all love our dogs. We spend so much time feeding them, grooming them, training them, cuddling them, playing with them — and it’s all totally worth it when our puppies’ tails start wagging. But, sometimes, things get a little lost in translation with our dogs.

It makes sense. After all, dogs don’t actually understand our language. So many things are just big mysteries for dogs. Like the rules about interrupting a soccer match, for example.

But one dog owner was surprised when her dog totally missed the memo on what was happening — and accidentally got the pants scared off of him instead of playing along. Meet Oliver.

Oliver, a Boston Terrier who usually loves games, was having a little trouble last week. According to his owner Vanessa Cordero, she and Oliver love to play chase. She’ll scare him, he’ll run, and the game begins. But this time, he wasn’t in the mood — and wasn’t expecting the game.

So he full on screamed instead.

“No need for dna testing,” Cordero captioned the video, “he is truly my son.”

He’s also all of us when we get startled. Who hasn’t been there?

This isn’t the only trouble Oliver’s been having lately. He also recently suffered from a very serious existential crisis.

Maybe it was over his newfound fame? His video has over 314,000 views on Facebook — plus over 5,000 reactions and almost 10,000 comments. We can imagine how that might go to a dog’s head. Even one as glamorous as this.

On top of scaring him, Oliver’s mom Vanessa often forces him into silly hats. Like this one.

And this wig.

But it’s clear there’s a lot of love between them, too.

Hopefully they’ll have fewer scares in the future — but if they do, we’re crossing over fingers that Cordero captures more videos just as funny as this one.