14 hilarious texts only best friends would send to each other

Because there’s only one person in the world you actually want to be receiving poop emojis from at 3 a.m.

1. When you’ll (both) only get out of bed if there’s food involved.

2. When just one emoji can brighten each others’ day.

3. When you got each others’ back no matter what.

4. When there’s only one person in the world who ~gets~ how you feel about periods.


5. When you still love each other, no matter what ~state~ you’re in.


6. When you’re able to get very honest about how well (or not well) you handle your booze with each other.

7. When your ~weird~ sense of humor only works with each other (which is just the way you like it!).

8. When you know your friend will still love you no matter what.


9. When your minds are on the EXACT same wavelength.

10. When you’re willing to get into trouble for each other because your conversations are THAT important, obvs.

11.When you both understand the importance that IS a strong brow.

12. When you both know that, “my bra is off” is code for, “I’m not going anywhere.”

13. When you get a little ~evil~ with your jokes because you can.

14. And finally, when only your BFF can poke fun at your picky food habits.


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