15 funniest Twitter Patronus reactions because not everyone is pleased with their Pottermore spirit animal

If you haven’t already taken time out to find out what your Patronus is, what are you waiting for? As we at HelloGiggles instructed you to do earlier this week, stop everything and take the Pottermore quiz right freakin’ now. TBH, the process to discover your patronus is a wee bit creepy, but identifying and properly wielding the patronus charm is extremely crucial to your well-being. We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to be caught with our pants down in the event that a dementor decides to roll up on our set.

(Side note: After taking the quiz, I learned that my patronus is a dolphin! *squeals* That’s not the most ferocious animal on the planet, but it suits my personality to a tee so I am most pleased with the results.)

But judging by some of the funniest patronus reactions on Twitter, not everyone is pleased with their patronus matches. Even actress Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood thought her patronus quiz result was bogus: false


It gets worse, but also increasingly hilarious: false





Whew! If you’re terrified of taking the test now, maybe facing the worst possible outcome on this list of patronus animals will help you steel yourself against the emotional meltdown that occurs when you discover that you don’t measure up to your ideal patronus.

Good luck!

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