These are the internet’s funniest tweets about the Google Arts and Culture app

Art history has never been so hilarious. If you use any form of social media, from Twitter to Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of your friends sharing photos of themselves alongside works of art that ostensibly resemble them. However, Google’s Arts and Culture app is more than a tool built for laughs. For example, you can locate nearby museums and even learn about art history via the app. Sure, the educational side is great. But people are naturally gravitating toward the app’s most social media-friendly feature: a tool that compares your selfies to portraits from the realm of fine art.

Jokes based on historical paintings have been an internet staple for a long time. One of the most notable examples is Mallory Ortberg’s Western Art History series on The Toast. There’s also an amazing Twitter account called Medieval Reactions, which meme-ifies pieces of (you guessed it) medieval art. It’s a lively comedic genre.

So it’s no wonder that the Google Arts and Culture selfie tool is going viral. After all, the results of these comparisons are downright hilarious. In fact, Twitter is in fine form right now, with plenty of users providing incisive commentary. One peruse of your timeline and you’ll be trying to audit AP Art History at the nearest high school.

Ready? These are the best and brightest Google Arts and Culture tweets.

Not everyone has the feature that compares your face to a painting.

But the ones who do have used it to achieve comical results.


Then, there are the users who took matters into their own hands.


Of course, there’s been some political commentary.


But don’t discount the rest of the app.

There’s a deeper meaning to all of this!