The 8 Funniest Mariah Carey Christmas Memes to Make Your Monday Merrier

Carey has coined herself the queen of Christmas, so bring on the memes!

All I want for Christmas is… to forget that it’s the start of another work-week and spend a few minutes LMAO at all the funniest Mariah Carey memes the internet has so joyfully brought upon us. They start as early as October —when Halloween ends, the memes begin, with many people mocking the signal to the early-start of the season as the first note of Carey’s signature Christmas tune.

From spoofs of ’80s and ’90s horror flicks, to more recent pop culture references, even the diva herself is in on the joke, re-posting many of the memes.

Earlier this year, we learned that Carey reportedly even filed a petition to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas,” among other related monikers, but was denied — in part, because other artists including Dolly Parton, Darlene Love, and Elizabeth Chan use that term.

But given the plethora of Mariah Carey Christmas references on the Internet, we know who the real Queen of Christmas is. Here are eight of the funniest Mariah Carey Christmas memes to make your Monday a little merrier.

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1. Daddy’s coming… oh nm, it’s just MC!

This hilarious meme depicts a terrifying scene from the 1980 thriller The Shining, but instead of a homicidal Jack Nicholson lurking behind the door, it’s Mariah and her mic.

2. We got you…

This was us, bright and early this Monday morning. Only the best for our readers!

3. E=mc2

We simply cannot believe Christmas existed before the release of “All I Want for Christmas is You,” in 1994. Can you??

4. Umm, excuse me?

This meme perfectly shows the seemingly super-quick transition from Halloween, into the holiday season. And not everyone is here for it.

5. Our love for Mariah is purely seasonal.

This may be a photoshop chop-job but it seems to us — and the meme’s creator — that our love for the diva these days is purely seasonal. The Grammy-winning singer hasn’t released an album since 2018, but her holiday hit serves up enough royalties to feed a small country.

6. Even Clark Griswold’s sick of it.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, but sometimes, I just want this song to stop playing. In this meme, Clark Griswold is showing how some people are simply just sick of hearing this catchy tune. And if the King of Christmas is over it, we may be too.

7. It’s time…

The memes depicting Mariah “defrosting” for the holiday season, are as plentiful as the ones showing her being put back away in a box (or Christmas tree storage bag) on Dec. 26th.

8. What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Mic drop thanks to this gem. Never ones to shy away from a Real Housewives meme, this one made us LOL.

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