We seriously need the recipe for Allison Williams’ Funfetti wedding cake

We had no idea that it was possible, but Allison Williams’ boxed Funfetti wedding cake proves dreams really do come true.

Williams is celebrating her two year wedding anniversary with her husband Ricky Van Veen (he co-founded CollegeHumor.com), and to celebrate, she broke out the wedding cake from her freezer.

It’s tradition to eat a slice of your wedding cake the first anniversary after your wedding, but apparently, Williams forgot and only remembered her cake now.

“Turns out, if your wedding cake is made with ingredients from a box per your demands (store-bought funfetti and frosting), it’s still delicious even two years later — after you forget to eat it on your first anniversary. Happy second anniversary, Ricky. I love you,” Williams wrote on Instagram.

We wondered about the recipe for this perfect cake, but it is just the Pillsbury Funfetti box of cake mix and store-bought frosting. Honestly, that’s pretty badass and if we went to a wedding that served Funfetti cake, we’d be happy campers. We’re assuming Williams enlisted the help of an actual bakery, as evidenced by how beautiful the cake looked before it was devoured.

Now we’ve descended into a Pinterest hole of gorgeous confetti and Funfetti-inspired wedding cakes.

These naked cakes are even better because you know that you’re getting Funfetti before you even slice it open.

Williams’ wedding looked so beautiful to begin with, and now that we know she served Funfetti cake, it has us wondering if she actually had the best wedding of all time?