We just learned that Funfetti popcorn is real

Slap the word “Funfetti” in front of anything and we’ll eat it, love it, and worship it. Okay, the latter might be a stretch. But don’t get us wrong — we love Funfetti. So when we heard that Funfetti popcorn is a very real thing, our eyes just about popped our of our heads.

According to Seventeen, Pop Secret released its Funfetti popcorn, aptly titled “Popfetti,” back in May. The subtle release went over our heads and it wasn’t until recently that we realized Popfetti was happening.

In their original Popfetti announcement, Pop Secret described Popfetti as a “cake flavored” limited-edition microwaveable popcorn.

People in the comments were upset over the treat being hard to find in stores. Pop Secret responded to location queries, revealing that Popfetti is available in Walgreens, Smart and Final, Wakefern, Giant Eagle, and Food Lion.

But is it worth the buy? How does Funfetti popcorn taste?

Pop Secret claimed in their original post that the snack was supposed to taste like vanilla cake. One fan said that Popfetti, to them, tasted like kettle corn popcorn with confetti sprinkles. Perhaps it’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory.


Another fan described it as tasting like birthday cake, and added that it was heavily addicting. But when you think about it, isn’t anything Funfetti super addicting? What do they put in that stuff?

The general consensus is that Popfetti is a win for the world of popcorn. It’s a little salty, a little sweet like vanilla, and overall an interesting popsitive experience (sorry not sorry).

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