This fun site will find your Olympic athlete ~twin~

Have you ever watched the Olympics and thought about what it must be like to be an Olympian? (And then hid under a pile of blankets with a box of Oreos?)

Well, the BBC has a fun new site that lets you find your Olympian body match (aka your Olympic ~twin~) and it’s a hoot.

The site takes your height, weight, and gender and plugs it into a database of more than ten thousand athletes taking part in the Rio Olympic Games.

For giggles (HelloGiggles, specifically) I plugged in my information, and here’s what I found:

  1. I am the same height as 430 athletes. According to the BBC, “The shortest athlete in the database is Brazilian gymnast Flavia Saraiva at 1.33m (4ft 4in). The tallest athlete is Li Muhao, a Chinese basketball player who stands almost a metre taller at 2.18m (7ft 2in). The average height of athletes at the Games is 1.77m (5ft 10in).”
  2. I weigh the same as 127 athletes. The website reports that “Flavia Saraiva is also among the lightest athletes at Rio, weighing in at a tiny 31kg (5st 1lb). Romanian judo contestant Daniel Natea is more than five times heavier at 170kg (26st 11lb).The average athlete weighs 72kg (11st 5lb).”
  3. I am the same age as 448 athletes. “The youngest competitor at the Games, Nepalese swimmer Gaurika Singh, is just 13. The oldest is equestrian Julie Brougham from New Zealand, who is taking part in her first Olympics at the age of 62. The average age of participants is 26. You share a birthday with 9 athletes.” GO TEAM SAGITTARIUS!!!!

I was matched up with the following Olympians:


Anja Scherl, Germany — Track & Field


I’ll be honest, she looks MUCH happier after completing a run than I do. (Not pictured in the photo of me: constant swearing.)

Siham Hilali, Morocco — Track & Field


I might wear more makeup, but this woman could seriously kick my ass. Seriously, I’m honored that it keeps matching me up with runners, but there’s no way I’m in this good of shape. I’m not even sure I can run a mile.

Iwona Nina Matkowska, Poland — Wrestling


Notice my puny arms compared to the amazing arms of this Olympian. If only I had her strength, moving apartments would be a lot less stressful.

So check it out! You’ll be surprised who you are matched with. And maybe even inspired to go for a run.

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