Watch the cast of “Fuller House” tuck Donald Trump into bed

Even Donald Trump can’t resist the comforting nostalgia of Full House, so when the presidential candidate (impersonated perfectly by Jimmy Fallon) couldn’t fall asleep, there was only one gang who could help him out. The cast of the upcoming Fuller House entered the scene to teach Donald a lesson about believing in yourself.

This was our first look at the iconic ’90s cast all back together before the show hits Netflix on February 26th, and it proves that it’s like no time has passed. Their chemistry is as amazing as ever, whipping out all of our favorite catch phrases and even giving us a rendition of the unforgettable theme song.

As if we weren’t already excited for the revival, now we’re sure we’re in for something awesome. If they can manage to make Donald Trump seem endearing, then what can’t these characters do?

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