Someone recut the ‘Fuller House’ trailer like a horror movie and it’ll give you nightmares

I gotta be honest, when I saw the Fuller House trailer that Netflix released the other day, it kind of creeped me out. Now, I’m just as big of a fan of Full House fan as the next guy (meaning, I’ve seen every episode at least 30 times and reference the show daily), but the trailer was creepy, you guys.

The slow moving camera, that song, the empty dimly lit house. . . the puppy all alone. It seemed like we were about to find out the entire family was actually dead the whole time (which would obviously be heartbreaking and awful, but an interesting twist).

Well it turns out I wasn’t alone with my creepy thoughts (that sounded way better in my head).

YouTube channel ScreenCrush recut the Fuller House trailer and set it to music from the horror movie It Follows, and the trailer instantly became legit terrifying. Like, I may lose sleep over the shadowy figures approaching the front door we all know and love.

See for yourself:

And in case you missed it. . . here’s the original, less creepy, but still a little creepy trailer:

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still counting down the days until the show is released on Netflix on February 26. And even though I work from home, I’ve already called in sick.

(Image via YouTube)

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