Carly Rae Jepsen is singing the ‘Fuller House’ theme song — rejoice!

Alright, all you Tanner-fans out there, we’ve got some news! In addition to plot details trickling in about the Full House reboot premiering on Netflix in February, there’s a juicy bit of info about a classic part of the beloved 90s show: the theme song has been recorded by Carly Rae Jepsen!

Tweeted out to her followers as an early Christmas present by the singer, the announcement that Carly is recorded the famous ditty drew a swift, positive reaction from fans of the show and the performer.  

We have to wonder what the remix by the “Call Me Maybe” singer will sound like. Carly named dropped Butch Walker in her original tweet, a music producer known for writing and recording hits with Pink and Avril Lavigne, so we can bet it’s going to be bright and pop-influenced.

Just in case you’ve somehow missed the details on the reboot, here’s a quick summary of what we know so far: The story will focus on the two older Tanner daughters (Mary-Kate and Ashley turned down the chance to play Michelle Tanner in the reboot.) After oldest daughter DJ’s husband dies, her younger sister, Stephanie, and best friend, Kimmy, move into her San Francisco home with their kids (also, DJ’s married name is rumored to be “Fuller,” because you must have puns, people.)  John Stamos, everyone’s favorite cool uncle Jesse, is producing and will guest star on the show, which will also feature many guest appearances by other original cast-members.

Time will tell if Fuller House will wear off its nostalgia-driven welcome or evolve into its own fun show, but you’re certainly going to be seeing plenty about it until February, “everywhere you look!”

Check out the original recording of the theme song below:

(Image via Shutterstock.)