“Fuller House” has officially been renewed for season 2

For those of us who’ve been glued to our Netflix accounts to binge-watch the highly-anticipated first season of Fuller House, it’s safe to say there may have been a little bit of a hole suddenly left in our lives when we finished. Kind of like if you’re planning your wedding for a year, it happens, and then it’s just…over. What are you going to do with your time now? Get actual hobbies? CLEAN, A LA DANNY TANNER!? For the birds, I say. If you’re like me, though, you still have a few episodes left because you just aren’t ready for it to be over.

But if you’re like the version of me who will suddenly find time to finish watching the first season after you’re done writing this article, it’s probably because you just found out WE’RE GETTING A SECOND SEASON OF FULLER HOUSE, GUYS. CUT. IT. OUT.

The announcement comes only five days after season one premiered on Netflix, which is probably some kind of record. We can’t help being excited not only for us, the viewers, but for the cast, who is obviously very close and were hoping for the opportunity to continue the show.

“It was so much fun doing the first 13 [episodes] that I don’t feel finished,” Andrea Barber, AKA Kimmy Gibbler, told PEOPLE this past December. “I definitely want to do more.”

And considering how excited fans were about how those first 13 episodes played out, we can’t say we’re surprised at there already being renewal news. In fact, Twitter is already exploding with glee from the show’s cast members and fans alike.

Though the premiere date has yet to be announced (and probably won’t be announced for a while), we’re already brainstorming about what will happen in season 2. Among the questions we’re asking is, obviously, WILL MICHELLE FINALLY MAKE AN APPEARANCE? Mary-Kate Olsen never did come out and say she wouldn’t do it—just that Ashley wouldn’t, because she hasn’t been in front of a camera since she was 17. She also said the timing was bad for the sisters for season one, but maybe she will find some time during season two’s filming for at least a cameo. And the cast and crew have made it clear the Olsens are always welcome on the show.

Now to wait for the premiere date announcement and re-watch the first season—or finish it, if you’re me. BE RIGHT BACK, SHIRKING ALL OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE DAY. It’s safe to say that our only answer to “Are we excited?” is…


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