8 important things we learned from the new “Fuller House” footage

In exactly one month, Netflix will unleash the spin-off to the cultural phenomenon that is Full House on the world. Yes, one month! This is not a drill. As if that isn’t exciting enough, new footage from the set of Fuller House hit the Internet today. Obviously, we combed the video for clues. Here’s what we learned.

1. Uncle Jesse is still a rock star.

Whether or not he’s actually playing music with his band. He’s just a rock star. The end.


2. Kimmy’s Giblerisms will continue to be amazing.

Her vocabulary has expanded over the years.


3. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are raising three little boys.

Think of the premise of the original Full House, but with some gender reversal. We are guessing Kimmy is the Uncle Joey of the group.


4. Catchphrases are still a thing in the Tanner house.

Have mercy! The real question: Will anyone in the cast utter “You got it, dude” in Michelle’s honor?


5. The Full House girls might be grown up, but they still play dress up.

And it appears that one of them may be having a bachelorette party. Yasss — boas and tiaras never go out of style!


6. The uncles might still have some growing up to do.

But, gosh darnit are they adorable.


7. Fuller House is being filmed in front of the luckiest live studio audience ever.

How do we get tickets?!


8. It’s obvious that the cast loves this new show.

They couldn’t even keep it together during the table read!


February 26 cannot come soon enough.

(Images via Netflix)

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