We officially have a ‘Fuller House’ premiere date—and teaser trailer!

Mark your calendars for February 26th. You’ve got one big Full binge to get through that weekend.

After months of teases — from behind-the-scenes cast photos, to information about the whereabouts of Michelle Tanner Netflix is ready to share their Full House reboot, Fuller House, with the world. It now has a premiere date, and Netflix has shared the first trailer for the show, too!

Picking up 21 years after the events of Full House (and it’s been 21 years since Full House ended), it appears as if the Tanner family has snagged the keys to their former stomping grounds once again. The newly released trailer cuts from beautiful scenes of San Francisco, to inside the former Tanner house. The house appears to have been perfectly preserved for the last two decades, like a Full House museum. Seriously, not a dust spot in sight. That must be Danny’s doing.

What are they doing back here? D.J. Tanner Fuller is moving in, and she’s got the whole family with her. Though we don’t actually see anyone in the trailer, we can hear them just outside the door. Everyone’s there (except Michelle, but we’ve been over this), and ready to pitch in moving boxes.

But now let’s talk about the dog that’s inside the Fuller House house. While it’s not Comet, it looks like there’s still going to be a loving and very well behaved golden retriever front and center. That’s all we could have hoped for.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare to call in sick for work on February 26th.


(Image via ABC)

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