With “Fuller House” back, let’s revisit the theory that Uncle Joey might actually be the biological father of the Tanner girls

Today not only marks the Season 3 release of Fuller House on Netflix, it also marks the 30th anniversary of the OG show. And with Full House turning 30, the new season of Fuller House is going full throttle on the nostalgia — with Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey all returning to mark the special occasion with the Tanner women (and, of course, Kimmy Gibbler).

But the return of Fuller House — not to mention the incredible Full House milestone — has us looking back at this Full House fan theory, which has a lot of people wondering…

…is Joey Gladstone the biological father of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner?


While Joey may appear to be the ultimate childhood BFF by showing up to help his recently widowed friend in need, this new video from Cracked delves into the idea that Joey had *other* motivations for moving into the Tanner household. Namely, that he was having a long-standing affair with Danny’s late wife and is *actually* the biological father of the three girls.

While that may seem severely uncharacteristic for the comedian, genetics seem to beg otherwise. As Cracked points out, Danny has dark hair and eyes, while the one home video of his deceased wife, Pam, shows that she had blonde hair but dark features. Statistically, this means it would be *very* unlikely that Danny and his late wife would have multiple children with blonde hair.

But they have THREE.

And that’s not even touching the genetics of eye color — mostly because we don’t have the pertinent family genetic histories of any of the relevant characters. But even then, things are looking *mighty* suspicious.

Additionally, the video delves into the possibility that Joey is *also* the biological father of Nicky and Alex Katsopolis — the sons of Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse — but we won’t get into that because our hearts can only take so much betrayal.

Joey, if these accusations prove true, we think you need to CUT. IT. OUT! The latest season of Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix.

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