“Fuller House” is finally here — here’s what people think

Today is the day! Season One of Fuller House dropped on Netflix, and is now available for us to watch in its entirety—all 13 glorious episodes. It feels like we’ve been waiting months for this moment. We swooned over Instagram pics from set, held our breath for some Olsen twins casting news and excitedly watched and re-watched teasers about the series. And now, it’s finally here!

The show has been up on Netflix for a few hours now, and people are tuning in like crazy to get their late ’80s and early ’90s nostalgia fix. Here are some of the things people are saying about Fuller House so far.

Some fans are absolutely loving it.

But some would rather leave their memory of the OG show untarnished.

Fuller House is def making some people emotional.

Some characters are getting major shoutouts.

Oh, and have you heard? Carly Rae Jepsen re-recorded the theme song!

Others don’t really care for the reboot.

But all in all, it seems like if you’re a child of the ’90s who loved Full House, you’ll experience every single emotion while watching the new Netflix series.

Happy binge watching!

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