Here’s what the Super Worm Moon means for your zodiac sign (and we promise, it’s all good things)

The Full Worm Moon on March 20th is about to usher in some new beginnings. While the “worm” part might sound a little icky, this moon, which falls on the spring equinox this year, symbolizes fresh starts. After all, earthworms emerge at this time of year, ready to bait the birds that have returned from their winter vacations.

Yes, spring is in the air. Landing in the air sign Libra—which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love—this full moon (which is also a super moon) will help us strike a balance between what we need in our relationships with the needs of our loved ones. We are open to compromise, but we’re also focused on making our desires a priority. Libra has a tendency to be a people-pleaser, but since this moon is occurring in Aries season, we are bolder, more autonomous, and more confident than usual. We are looking for love, but we’re also passionate about maintaining our independence and self-sufficiency.

Typically, full moons represent culminations and are the perfect time to set intentions for new manifestations. So this Full Worm Moon is a good time to ask: How can you balance your personal goals with your #relationshipgoals so that you, and your (potential) partner, both feel appreciated and fulfilled? Luckily, Libra is an excellent negotiator and mediator, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, be aware that Aries causes us to be more impulsive than usual, so when in doubt, err on the side of diplomacy. This could be a lucky time for love as long as we keep our intentions aligned with our authenticity—and not let our emotions get the better of us.

Here’s what else the Full Worm Moon has in store for your zodiac sign.


You have a lot to say, Aries, but what happens when you soften your edges and replace your innate tactlessness with tenderness? Immense appreciation.


You’re a romantic soul, Taurus. Honor your inner yearnings and express your sensual side. Treat yourself, and a loved one, to a massage.


While you’re more of a talker, Gemini, sometimes actions speak louder than words. How can you show up for a loved one by taking action?


Full moons can be an emotional time, Cancer, especially for someone as sensitive as you. Journaling out your feelings on a certain relationship will give you a clearer perspective.


You prefer bold gestures when it comes to your relationships, Leo. But don’t confuse grandiose gestures for acceptance and love. You can be yourself and still be loved.


You can be a little too analytical when it comes to love, Virgo. Watch and see what happens when you let go a little, and let your heart lead for a change.


You’ll feel more pressured to make things right, Libra. Before you dive into mothering someone else, how can you give yourself that kind of love first?


Full moons always put you on edge, Scorpio, so put that anxious energy into action. Go for a run with a friend, surprise a loved one with a home-cooked meal, or treat yourself to your fave recipe.


You’re feeling antsy about a relationship, Sag. Soothe that restless energy with a gentle distraction: dinner with a good friend, a bubble bath, or a good book. Or all of the above.


You can make the most of this Full Worm Moon by letting go, Capricorn. Maybe that means letting go of a relationship or letting go of what you think should happen. Surrender.


Surrounding yourself with positive people is healing for you right now, Aquarius. Don’t let your lone wolf tendencies get the best of you. Let the love in.


You’re bound to feel teary, Pisces. Balance your emotions by going near water, your favorite place to be. Either meditate on the beach or plan a moonlight stroll with a lover. It’ll ground you.

This is a fantastic time to balance actions with surrender, bbs. See how you can treat yourself with the same love and respect you would show another, and allow your life to be changed for the best.

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