The full scene of Moana singing “How Far I’ll Go” is finally here to help make your week

If you’ve been lucky enough to have seen Disney’s latest animated masterpiece Moana, then you know there was one song that totally stole the show. When Moana sang “How Far I’ll Go,” we literally got goosebumps. Because it was’t just beautiful, but the message was REALLY powerful, too. However, if you have yet to see Moana, we’ll fill you in on the deets. Basically, not only is Moana the latest rockstar Disney ~princess~, but her story is extra awesome because it’s purely about self discovery. Moana’s adventure does not feature a love interest storyline (cooool, right?) and focuses on her, as the next Chief of her village, on a mission to save her people! Hence, the song title “How Far I’ll Go” has so much meaning. And, BTW, the song was written by Hamilton superstar himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So, NBD, RIGHT?!

And now, because the Disney gods are good to us, here’s the full “How Far I’ll Go” sequence from Disney’s Moana.

The video includes the official lyrics too, so feel free to SING ALONG!

“How Far I’ll Go” has, unsurprisingly, been nominated for a Golden Globe. And, as we mentioned, it was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which basically makes it that MUCH more awesome. Of course, in the part of Moana is newcomer and seriously talented star Auli‘i Cravalho, who totally slays the role. GAH, there’s just so much goodness involved here.

 Well, now that this gorgeous medley is stuck in our heads again, it’s probably going to be a PRETTY good week! “And no one knoooooows, how far it gooooeeees!”

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