This week’s Full Pink Moon will give your friendships a huge boost

Get ready to view the world through rose-colored glasses. April’s Full Pink Moon is set to arrive on April 19th (though we’ll be able to see it on the 18th, too) and we’ll be doused in its blushing light—that is, if the sky is clear in your area. Truth be told, the Full Pink Moon won’t actually be pink. But if you own a pair of rose-tinted glasses, then your Pink Moon experience will be the real deal.

According to, the Full Pink Moon will peak at 7:12 a.m. EST on the 19th, so mark your calendar and set alarms.

This means that those of us on the East Coast will most likely see only the faint, ghostly outline of the peaking Pink Moon in the morning sky. These days, post-vernal equinox, sunrise occurs around 6 a.m. for East Coasters. But diehard moon lovers on the West Coast may want to wake up 4:12 a.m. to see the Full Pink Moon in all its glory.

The Full Pink Moon, as is true with all the full moons throughout the year, got its name from some Native American tribespeople and early American colonists. April’s full moon was dubbed “Pink” due to the appearance of the wild phlox flowers, sometimes called “moss pink,” that blossom during the spring season.

Other tribes, however, called April’s full moon the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon. And Natalie Zaman, contributing author of Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2019, calls April’s full moon the Friendship Moon, because it is at this time of the year where we finally all come out of our winter hibernation and begin interacting with our friends again.

This month, we’ll be forced to get used to a normal-sized full moon again after experiencing three full supermoons in January, February, and March. Although April’s full moon may not be as bright or big in appearance as its predecessors, it will still be as lovely as ever.

The next full supermoon won’t come around until 2020. However, we can still expect three new moon supermoons on August 1st, 30th, and September 28th. Sure, we won’t be able to see them. But they’ll each have some serious pull on our tides (and maybe our moods, if you believe in that kind of stuff—we certainly do).

Keep your fingers crossed for a clear sky on Friday, April 19th. April showers may bring May flowers, but come on, rain. We want to see some lunar loveliness.

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