This full moon in Taurus will have you obsessing about the past—here’s what it means for your zodiac sign

We have a very fertile and beautiful full moon in Taurus happening tomorrow on November 12th. And because Taurus is the sign of self-care, tranquility, and being grounded in the present moment within your body, you can expect this moon to help you focus on your present needs instead of your past needs.

After several weeks of dealing with intense emotions and a disturbed domestic life, this full moon in Taurus—which also conjuncts the domestic tranquil asteroid, Vesta—is bringing about common sense, practicality, home vibes, and earthy spirits. Now is a good time to create your ideal home life and bask in this earthy and tranquil moment. Buy new furniture and scented candles, take bubble baths, and make home-cooked meals. You deserve it. 

Let’s take a look at how this full moon will affect each zodiac sign. Also, make sure to take a look at your rising sign while you’re at it.


Possessive much, Aries? While you could be feeling a little stuck in the past, this full moon is nudging you to take action versus holding on to what you know. If you really can’t let go of a previous situation, then go after it, but don’t stay stuck in the doorway!


Ah, Taurus. You self-care doula queen. This full moon in your sign is giving you the boosted desire to retreat at home with your fluffy blanket, your luxurious scented candle, and your favorite show. Now is time to take care of yourself and be your own parent—no need to give yourself instructions because you know how to do this!  


Charge ahead, Gemini! Are you going on a trip or racing your car across town? This full moon is super-charging you and putting the accent on moving forward, no matter the cost. You’re eager to get things done, accomplish your goals, and get the ball rolling. Werk it, Gemini. Now is the time to show your multi-tasking, versatile skills off to the world.   


You could be feeling a little down, Cancer. Perhaps you had some deceptions happen and they’re now being revealed to you, or you’re simply finding it difficult to cope with all of this Scorpio energy in the air, and your feels are at an all-time high. In any case, know that this full moon is going to trigger even more emotions, but ultimately, you’ll be more in touch with yourself and your feminine, soft side. The veil is being lifted, so hang in there—things will be brighter soon.


Rise and shine, Leo. This full moon is activating your public/career sector and is going to push you to step into your entrepreneurial, confident, and assertive self. All the planets are aligned for you to hone your power and show ’em how it’s done. Are you channeling your inner JLo? It sounds like it. If in doubt, remember you’re a high-value human, and you don’t need anyone’s approval but yours. Go get it, kitty.


Freeze, Virgo! This is what’s required of you for this full moon, as it’s triggering your need to take a spiritual vacation, actual or symbolical, from your everyday life. Because this full moon falls in your spiritual/intellectual sector, it’s going to prompt a quest for meaning, a need to reconsider your perception of recent events, and perhaps trigger an “aha moment.” During this time, you may realize that things didn’t exactly unfold the way you originally perceived them to. Now is a good time to put yourself on a timeout so you can figure out your next steps and see if there’s a need to make amends.


Ah, Libra. You yearn for stability and a long-term vision, but it’s just not the right time yet. You’re in a phase of destruction before reconstruction; death and rebirth. You know how you can’t build muscles before you tear them down and let them rest? You’re tearing your muscle down right now. This phase feels like it’s lasting forever, but it’s not. This full moon might also trigger some aspects of your personality that you’re not proud of, and/or it’s going to trigger you to realize what needs to be let go in your life for you to achieve your life goals. Heavy stuff—but hang in there!


You have been spending a lot of time reflecting—perhaps even seething—about a personal or love situation, and it’s now the time to get moving. No more silent reflection, Scorpio. It’s time to actually take action by reaching out or moving on from this person you’ve had on your mind. Whatever you do, don’t stand in the doorway. Mercury is retrograde in your sign, which can make it hard for you to make decisions right now, but if you’re just ruminating about your past, you’re not helping anyone. Call the shot!


It’s possible that you’re undergoing some sort of spiritual crisis. You may feel like no one can understand or help you, and that you must brave this hardship in your life alone. This is not the case. Try to rely on your friends, your family, and the people around you. Let them know what’s going on so they can decide for themselves whether they want to help and support you. Now is the time to get out of isolation and seek warmth in others—you’ll be surprised with what you find!  


You could feel split about whether you should focus on your family life or your work life. Truth be told, you have a lot going on in these two sectors, and you could find it hard to succeed at balancing both. However, this full moon falls in your family sector and wants to remind you that if you don’t nurture your roots, your emotional foundations, and your emotional needs—I know, Capricorns don’t like admitting they have emotional needs, but they do!—then what good can you do in your career? It’s important to water the plant if you want it to grow, so remember to nurture yourself above all else.


This full moon falls in your communicative/intellectual sector, which means there could be some serious mental restlessness going on for you. You could find it especially difficult to focus on the present moment by constantly trying to predict and think about the future, or ruminate about the past—but are you even living in the moment? Remember: This time will never be here again. Get into the habit of naming one feeling, one smell, five objects, and one sound so you can recenter when things feel overwhelming.


Pisces, you’re meant to let go of some old patterns, let a transformation occur, and embrace the change and surrender. But this full moon could also push you in the direction of resisting this change by hanging on to the thing you know you need to let go of. Make sure to be compassionate with yourself, but also know that hanging onto old habits will no longer serve you.

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