Here’s what this weekend’s aggressive full moon means for your zodiac sign

This month’s Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, which reaches its peak at 4:31 a.m. EST on June 17th, is powerful and represents a golden opportunity to manifest your desires, goals, and visions.

The full moon represents momentum, the time at which the cosmic energy is at its climax. The full moon in Sagittarius, while Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Cancer opposite Pluto and Saturn, represents a highly volcanic time collectively—a time during which everyone fights for their perception of truth and can even become violent about it.

On a personal level, this plays out similarly. We can be very opinionated and willing to fight harshly for what we believe in. With that in mind, it’s possible to turn this fairly rash energy into something a bit more productive: fighting for your dreams. This full moon offers the opportunity to envision your own definition of happiness and make it come true. So when you feel like you want to snap at someone for their beliefs or opinion, remember to focus on your dream vision and put your energy into visualizing and manifesting it.

Let’s look at this full moon energy more specifically sign by sign. Remember to check your rising sign, too.


Going on a trip, Aries? This full moon is putting the accent on adventure, discovery, and expansion of the mind. As much as you’re about to experience an expansion of your perspective, the possible downfall is this: being domineering and overly inflexible intellectually may stand in your way. Remember that opinions aren’t truth, and different opinions are a normal part of being human.


A transformation is occurring for you during this full moon. You’re called to experience some sort of crisis, but hold on, it doesn’t have to be anything quite so serious. Crisis is meant to represent a time when you’re seeking control, but you don’t have it, and the emotional turmoil it creates pushes you to change something. Have you noticed how one only meditates when things really go south? That’s the mood for you this week. Focus on the positive rewards coming after the mini-storm.


This week was already about love and relationships for you, Gemini, but this full moon is further increasing the focus on relationships. It’s all about give and take, and you might find yourself changing your relationship patterns due to a newfound awareness of your worth and of your values. You might find a foreign lover—enjoy.


This full moon is all about your health and habits. Have you been indulgent or excessive? Now is a time to clear up any toxic or sabotaging habits you might have had. You’ll find yourself seeking more structure and discipline.


Affairs of the heart as always for you, Leo. This full moon is focused on love. Love that you have for yourself, love that you wish to receive, love that you wish to feel and give. Momentum in relationships is to be expected, and if you’ve been feeling low in creativity, you can expect this full moon to fill up your tank quite dramatically.


Home and family are highlighted during this full moon; now is a good time to reflect on your family, your relationship with them, your childhood, and your roots. You might find yourself particularly busy with housing concerns—perhaps a new location? Or simply flying home, finding a new home.


Have you been waiting on some news? If so, the full moon might be the day you receive it. Communication and transportation are highlighted during this time, so you might find yourself going on an unexpected trip somewhere.


Now is the time to be very clear about your material goals and the steps you’re going to take to reach them. This full moon gives you a great capacity to manifest abundance—set your intentions and you shall receive.


Happy full moon, Sagittarius! The moon and Jupiter are illuminating your sign, and this is a great moment for self-awareness and self-actualization. You might find yourself quite concerned with relationships and the balance of give and take. Now is a good time for new beginnings and a fresh perspective.


This full moon is focused on your innovative capacity. Now more than ever is the time to step into your authentic self and not be afraid to propose bold ideas, even if that means being the only one who stands up. Success is found in your capacity to be yourself.


Have you been waiting on some events to unravel at work? Now is the time; you want it—you got it. Your energy and clarity are increased, and this allow you to move forward in your professional endeavors.


You are the sign who benefits the most from the visionary aspect of this full moon. Close your eyes, envision your dream life. What does it look like? How does it feel? Can you describe it? Write it down. Feel it. And plan steps to make it come true. Go!

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